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Turntable Dual 1228, Indian apple veneer, classic shellac polish

DUAL 1228 turntable

Dual 1228 turntable - a classic in amazing performance. Beautiful sound and unique appearance. Fully functional.



Dual 1228 - a turntable with a traditional idler drive, manufactured in the early 1970s. This is a version with a wooden plinth (housing) covered with natural Indian apple tree veneer. The whole thing was finished with over 50 layers of classic shellac polish (the so-called "French Polish" technique). The equipment offers clear and full sound combined with a unique design. The turntable has a stroboscope for precise regulation of platter rotation.
The set includes a disc changer spindle - it allows you to automatically listen to several discs one after the other.

Upon request, we can prepare the turntable for use in the USA free of charge (replacing the motor pulley and changing the electrical connections and adapting the motor to an electrical voltage of 110 - 125 V, 60 Hz).

The turntable has been completely overhauled and renovated - the old grease was removed, the entire mechanism was cleaned and lubricated again. All its components have been checked and subjected to appropriate service and calibration. The engine has undergone a comprehensive technical inspection and lubrication - it maintains proper speed. The grease in the arm lift has been replaced with a new one, the lift works with the correct resistance.

The turntable is operational and all functions work properly. Dual 1228 - is fully automatic: it allows you to start with one lever, after playback is finished, the arm automatically returns to the starting position. Starting and stopping can also be initiated manually. Allows you to listen to vinyl records at two speeds: 33 1/3, 45 rpm. Additionally, the turntable is equipped with "Anti-Skating" and "Pitch-Control" controls.

Everything works properly and offers full, clear sound. An original, used Audiotechnica AT70 cartridge is installed. The cartridge and stylus are in very good condition (data regarding the cartridge and stylus are based on electrical measurements and microscopic examinations).
The headshell can accept all inserts with a 1/2 inch mounting, weighing from 1 to 10 g (0.04 to 0.35 oz) - including mounting elements.
Hedshell has appropriate adjustments for playing a single disc ("single play") and several discs ("multi play").

After using the appropriate element (the so-called spindle), it is possible to automatically listen to up to 6 records - one after the other. The spindle is included with the turntable.


The wooden plinth (housing) of the turntable was covered with natural Indian apple tree veneer and finished with a classic wood decorating technique, i.e. shellac varnish from a tampon (another name: "French Polish"). In this case, over fifty layers of polish were applied.
This is a traditional, manual technique that has been used for hundreds of years, including: for decorating and protecting wooden furniture, musical instruments, works of art, as well as for the conservation of monuments.
Shellac polish, like no other finishing coating, wonderfully brings out the grain of the wood, gives it a beautiful color and, by penetrating the wood structure, an unprecedented depth - this effect is unattainable with other surface finishing techniques.


– new audio cables installed; interconnect - made on low-capacitance DK4 cable from Schulz-Kabel (Germany).
Separate signal and ground cables were routed for each channel. The mass of the tonearm and the turntable were also routed separately - through the cable shield. New RCA "Amphenol" plugs were installed.

Polished steel base legs, made in the form of spikes, minimize the transfer of ground vibrations to the housing and tonearm of the turntable.

The turntable does not have an original dust cover, but the set includes a replacement cover from the "Simple Cover" series, visible in the photos.

We will send more photos upon request.


- Power supply: 110-130 V, 220-240 V; 50-60 Hz – depending on the choice of replaceable motor pulley. Normally the presetting is 220V; 50 Hz,
- Motor: 4-pole synchronous motor with flexible suspension,
- Drive system: idler - power transmission to the turntable via a highly wear-resistant idler wheel,
- Speeds: 33 1/3, 45 rpm,
- Pitch adjustment range: 6% at all speeds (approx. 1 musical semitone),
- Arm: torsion-resistant tubular aluminum arm with 4-point gimbal bearing
- Turntable: antimagnetic; 1.8 kg (3.96 lb); diameter: 270 mm (10.63")
- Wow and Flutter < +/- 0.09% (DIN 45507),
- Rumble (DIN 45500), weighted: > 59 dB.


Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 430 x 374 x 180 mm (approx. 16.92” x 14.72” x 7.08”)
Net weight: approx. 10 kg (approx. 22.04 lb)


- Dual 1228 turntable with a wooden plinth, covered with natural Indian apple tree veneer, finished with classic shellac polish - 1 pc.
- used Audiotechnica AT70 cartridge, with elliptical stylus - 1 pc.
- disc changer spindle - 1 pc.
- single adapter - 1 pc.
- dust cover, replacement from the "Simple Cover" series - 1 pc.

in the case of delivery to the USA, upon request, we provide free adaptation of the turntable motor to an electrical voltage of 110-125V/60 Hz along with replacing the appropriate motor pulley (the same applies to other countries where the voltage is 110-125 V AC/60 Hz ). The set also includes an adapter for a power socket (EU/US).

- the vinyl record visible in the photos is not included in the sale.
- please remember that the colors visible in the photos depend on individual monitor settings and may differ from the real ones.