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Turntable Dual 1218

Turntable DUAL 1218

Dual 1218 - a traditional idler drive, manufactured in the early 1970s. The turntable has the original Dual plinth (walnut) and is a wonderful combination of a full sound transition with the 70s design. All functions work properly. In the turntable you can use the disc changer spindle - it allows you to automatically listen to several discs one after the other (the spindle is not included).





The turntable is after a complete review and renovation - the old grease has been removed, the entire mechanism has been washed and re-lubricated. All of its components have been checked and subjected to appropriate service activities. The engine is after a comprehensive technical inspection and lubrication - it keeps the speed correctly. The arm lift grease has been replaced with a new one, the lift works with the right resistance. Replaced with a new capacitor in the power line.

The turntable is operational, all functions work correctly. Dual 1218 - is a full automatic: it allows you to start with one lever, after the end of playback, the arm automatically returns to the starting position. You can also initiate the start manually. Allows you to listen to vinyl records with three speeds: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm. This last speed allows you to listen to older shellac plates. A suitable switch allows you to choose the diameter of the vinyls to be listened: 17, 25 and 30 cm (6.69”, 9.84” and 11.81”). Additionally, the turntable is equipped with the "Anti-Skating" and "Pitch-Control" controls.


The whole works properly and offers a balanced, cultural sound. The original, used SHURE M75 (Type D) cartridge is fitted. The needle is in very good condition. All 1/2 inch inserts can be mounted on the headshell, from 1 to 12 g (0.002 to 0.026 lb) - including fixing elements.

After using the appropriate element (so-called spindle), it is possible to automatically listen to up to 6 discs - one after the other. Spindle is not included with the turntable.



Brochure - turntable Dual 1218/1229 (.PDF): download... (3,69 MB)


Test reports - turntable Dual 1218 (.PDF): download... (3,69 MB)



– the arm wiring was replaced with a copper litz wire in cotton braid 7 x 0.07 mm (7 x 0.002”),
– new audio cables are installed (length. approx. 90 cm / 35.4"); interconnect cable - made on low-capacitance DK4 cable from Schulz-Kabel (Germany). Separate signal and mass leads for each channel. The mass of the tonearm and turntable is also carried out separately - the cable shield. RCA plugs "Amphenol" were installed.
- replaced with a new one: the capacitor in the power supply and the power cord (lenght approx. 59").


The turntable does not have a dust cover.

We will send more pictures on request.



- Power: 110 - 125 V, 220 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz – depending on choice of interchangeable motor pulley. It is normally pre-set for 220 volts, 50 Hz,
- Motor: shaded pole synchronuous motor, 4-pole, with radial flexible suspension,
- Drive system: idler drive – transmission to turntable platter via highly wear-resistant, compliant idler wheel,
- Speeds: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm,
- Pitch adjustment range: 6% on all three speeds (approx. 1 musical semitone)
- Tonearm: torsionally rigid aluminium tubular tonearm, in 4-point gimbal suspension,
- Turntable platter: antimagnetic; 2,1 kg (4.62 lb); diameter: 270 mm (10.63”),
- Wow and flutter < +/- 0.09% (DIN 45507),
- Rumble (DIN 45500), weighted: > 59 dB.


Dimensions and weight:

Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 420x370x160 mm (16.53" x 14.57" x 6.3")

Net weight: approx. 7,7 kg (17 lb)


Set contains:

- Dual 1218 turntable in the original Dual plinth (walnut), no cover - 1 pc.
- used SHURE M75, type D cartridge - 1 pc.
- adapter for singles - 1 pc.
- user manual